Meet… Our New Search :-)


NextRide continues to improve itself ! This time it’s the search engine of the app that is targeted. We’re so glad to unveil… our New Search.
If a spelling error was made in your query, the app would still find the desired stop, or route.

No more brain racking to remember the spelling of a stop, now, even if a small spelling error creeps in your search, no hassle, the app will find it.

From “Parvie Sainte Jilles” to place “Sein Lambert” and passing by “Charles Roi Sud”… The New Search finds EVERYTHING!

That’s an improvement that makes the app even more convenient, since no one is immune to a typo! 😉

Even better: this New Search is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and our website today and… with no update 🙂

Try out New Search →



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