NextRide unavailable during night of January 2 to 3


NextRide will be down this Friday, January 2 from 22:00 up to 5:00.
A downtime is also possible tomorrow, Saturday, January 3, from 22:00

Tonight, think about Mick, our Technical Manager! 🙂

To make NextRide even better, he will work aaaaaaallll night on our servers.
NextRide will suffer short downtime between Friday, January 2, 2014 at 22:00 and Saturday, January 4 at 5:00.

This is the “Worst Case Scenario”.
If everything runs smoothly, the app can be back online around 1:00.

Based on the operations of the night, we will determine whether further action is needed tomorrow. We’ll tell you that in the course of the night:-)

But ! But ! I need to go back home at 23:30, how do I do?

Do not panic, we have a solution! 🙂

If you need NextRide tonight after 22:00, just use the Offline Connection mode, available on iPhone and Android.

Your schedules will be available even without mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi… Or when like tonight, our server is on the operating table!

To use NextRide Off-connection on iPhone or Android

  • Select the stop and then the line you want to add
  • Tap the “+” button at the top right of your screen, above the Countdown
  • In the menu that appears, tap “Add Offline Connection”

And voilà! Tonight, when our server will be unavailable, to “force” the use of Offline Connection mode, simply put your smartphone in Airplane mode.

Thank you for your understanding and… Good night! 🙂



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