Public ransport’s GPS, the Disruption Center : NextRide unveils his new website

Our web development trainee Jean left us a great departure gift… The website NextRide 2.0. ! Online itinerary, think exclusively for public transports and the TEC and STIB Disruption Center are two originals innovations. They are complementary to the classic search for timetables who is well-known to the 40 000 monthly users of NExtRide.

Capture d'écran du nouveau Centre de Perturbations de NextRide

NextRide, the mobile companion of public transport, already available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone for nearly a year, has now a website equal to his mobile app. Two big innovations, then, for this recast and one will : make the use of public transport something much easier.

The trip planer is also introduced. Trully public transport’s GPS, it’s compelling by no other existing tools that are addressed to cars and pedetsrians. The planer offers explicit and colourful itinary comparison with specific options. Comuters can choose their carrier, but also avoid risky correspondence or enjoy the nice weather and activate the “i like to walk” option. Soon, a “last bus” button will appears.

Capture d'écran du nous planificateur d'itinéraire du site NextRide

For its part, the Disruption Center (TEC and STIB) is the solution to all comuter’s little day-to-day problems. Facebook, Twitter,  website and appli of the carrier or signalisation in the street : the passenger information is spread everywhere. For the very first time in Belgium, all the TEC and STIB (SNCB and De Lijn as soon as possible) disruption are centralised both in the app (when a user consult a line) and on Simple and effective.


With this new website, NextRide wants to allow transit user to travel free of worries and to make this user information an easy, efficient and accessible one.

For the dev :

  • NextRide maps have been created thanks to MapBox, using the great Open Source project Open Street Map. That allows, amongst other, to personalised maps with NextRide colours 🙂
  • The website was coded in AngularJS that make the page totaly dynamic and settle a high fluidity.



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