Are you a member of an institution, a company, or work in a place where people tend to come by public transports? Make access to your facilities easier and encourage eco-responsible travels: display STIB-MIVB and TEC buses, trams and metro schedules on screen thanks to NextRide’s SmartDisplays. Thus, your visitors will know at a glance when the nearest stop is served 🙂

Accessible at first glance

SmartDisplays, it’s STIB-MIVB and TEC buses, trams and metro schedules on any screen already in your building. We clearly display, by a color system, on the screens when the nearest bus, tram on metro line stops.

A simple way to avoid a long and unpleasant wait outside for your visitors.


The SmartDisplays are totally free and provided for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of travelers. Without any cost, they allow to take a step forwards a better mobility for people and for the earth.

In return, these screens increase the visibility of NextRide by displaying (alternating the schedule) a message promoting the app.


The SmartDisplays integrate in the actual content of your screens and only require the display of a personalized web page supplied by NextRide. They are compatible with all modern browsers, and some older too.


SmartDisplays are a NextRide product, the partner of public transports.

Download our presentation brochure in PDF here :

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