TEC supports NextRide !

We received this surprising thing… A Grammy ? Of course no, it’s the TEC Label ! TEC recently awarded us their famous « label » in order to welcome the work of NextRide’s team and our good use of the Open Data they provide. This gesture reinforces a partnership which was difficult to obtain.


Indeed, it was a kind of David against Goliath thing in the beginning of NextRide, as this report of RTBF shows. This report explains that TEC didn’t want to meet the team at the beginning of NextRide’s project. We needed a lot of motivation to prove that NextRide had a solid future in Wallonia, even in Europe, allowing us to have a written agreement. In fact, this collaboration is the very first Open Data initiative for TEC who understood all the importance of facilitating commuters’ life.

The TEC label is not an ordinary thing: NextRide is the first startup to obtain this recognition!

This award has an important meaning: TEC shows that they recognize NextRide uses their data efficiently and, especially, it demonstrates their support. It encourages the team to continue along this path.

NextRide, the mobile companion of public transports, won’t stop here and hopes to receive quickly the same support from NMBS-SNCB and De Lijn!

Wait and see…

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